Trick School: The “Double Money”

Looking for your next party trick? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Being able to do a few magic tricks doesn’t make you a professional magician, but it’s a good bit of cheap fun you can use to impress both friends and strangers. Just don’t go thinking you’re David Copperfield or even David Blaine for that matter.

What You Need

Okay, so the trick we’ve going over in this article is called “Double Money.” It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’ll involve a piece of currency, right? Like all good magic tricks, the equipment is as basic and subsistence-level as you can get. All you’re going to need are your hands, a small coin, and two larger coins.

The Trick

The trick itself is fairly basic. You start by establishing to the audience there is nothing up your sleeve (if you’re even wearing sleeves in the first place), and that nothing else is concealed in your free hand while holding the smaller coin out between your thumb and index finger. One quick wave of the free hand around the one holding the coin, and it’s magically split into two larger coins. What an investment trick, eh? Nice and straightforward. So how is it done?

How It Works

Remember those two large coins and the smaller one? Good. The first thing you should do while preparing for this trick is putting the two large coins over each other, and then hiding it in the horseshoe-looking recess between your thumb and index finger. Make sure to do it lengthways along your thumb and forefinger.

Next, take your smaller coin. This also goes between your thumb and index finger, but widthways instead. This way when viewed from the front, the face of the smaller coin is hiding the two larger coins further into the recess of your thumb and index finger.

When doing your little wave or hand movement with your free hand over the smaller coin, press it back with your thumb, so it fits over the face of the two larger coins. While retracting your hand, slide the small coin down onto your palm with your thumb and cover it with your ring finger and pinkie. Finish the trick off with a flourish by holding out the larger coins in each hand with your remaining fingers.

There you have it. Double Money is probably some of the simplest tricks out there, so it’s a good place to start if you’re a beginner magician. Find a few willing test subjects to let you practice with, and then amaze anybody and everybody who will give you the time to pull the trick on them.


Moving on to tips, it’s especially important to note that practice does indeed make perfect. Even the most skilled of magicians start out fumbling their way through tricks the first time they do them, and it takes time for them to hone their skills. Practicing in front of a mirror is a great way to see how the trick looks to an audience, and hopefully, lets you learn how to do the trick precisely with your hands through feel alone.

Perspective is everything with this trick. Make sure your audience is directly in front of you when you do this. Anybody peering from the side will be able to see you’ve concealed your two coins between your index finger and thumb. This trick is all about sleight of hand and capturing the audience’s attention, but is best done with small groups of people from the front.

Don’t relax your coin holding hand too much either. I’ve seen plenty of good magicians forget this and accidentally drop their two larger coins from between their thumb and index finger. Once they drop, the trick is done for.

Likewise, one of the most important parts of the trick is hiding the smaller coin towards the end of it. Make it as smooth and as inconspicuous as possible. I suggest either doing it quickly while doing your hand wave or while showing the two larger coins. They should attract the audience’s eye enough not to notice any slight movements of your other fingers, but the real trick is in hiding it smoothly and quickly, which takes rigorous practice.